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We believe that by utilizing our technological innovation and know-how, we can create new opportunities and make life better for all. Determined to foster social innovation as well as technological innovation, JD is bringing to life unparalleled efficiency and transparency to deliver trust.

Leveraging JD’s self-operated e-commerce network, we built the JD Giving Platform, which was created to provide charity programs with integrated support. Via the platform, charity organizations can not only raise money from individual consumers but also use JD’s supply chain, distribution network, technical support and customer service to guarantee the donations reach their intended recipients. More importantly, the platform has provided consumers with a transparent and reliable donation experience.

JD Giving Platform: One-Click Direct Donation Model

Through JD’s official app, users can learn about various charity programs and purchase materials to help disaster victims at a fair low price. The materials are delivered directly to the charity program by JD's efficient logistics system. In this way, JD’s highly-efficient business network and logistics system offers a convenient way to connect consumers with trusted charity programs, and donations can be completed with just one click.


Cliff Village Gets First Mobile Clinic Thanks to JD Drones

Atulieer village in Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province in China is a hard-to-reach place known as the "Cliff Village." Villagers must climb 800 meters whenever they need to leave the village for supplies. Access to medical care was poor, with six to eight hours needed to deliver medicine there. Now, thanks to JD-designed drones, deliveries can be made in only eight minutes, round trip. Villagers now have better access to health and medical services from mobile clinics supported by

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